Charlie challenge spiritism and the flames of the hell


Poiché questo gioco Charlie Charlie assurdo sta girando in tutto il mondo, una ragazza ha tradotto l’articolo anche in inglese.

di Annalisa Colzi

There is a game, if we want to call it in this way, that has a big success between young people. It’s name is “Charlie Charlie Challenge” and seems to come from an ancient Mexican tradition.

In practise, it is a facilitated spiritualist séance; indeed, if you want to evoke a demon, you have to use only a sheet and two pencils.

Like all the trends of the moment, also this one has attracted young people’s attention who joke around it.

So, guys evoke evil spirits in the homes, schools or in other places where they try this “thrill” without even imagine what they unleash.

It could be call “youthful recklessness”, but I prefer to define it “stupidity” and “ignorance”, because all those who delight in this practice don’t understand what might happen to them.

Satan, if there is still someone who doesn’t understand it, is a fallen angel, one of the most intelligent. The name “Lucifer” means “Bearer of Light”, he was a kind of right hand man of God: intelligent and beautiful.

When he fell in the hell, is happened his metamorphosis; his light changed in darkness, his beauty disappeared and he became horribly ugly but his intelligence was left to him and he use perpetually this intelligence to catch many souls to take along  in the hell.

Well, the Charlie game has this purpose: enslave souls through the evocation of demons.

What happens to those who make this game? Many unpleasant surprises that will get worse over the time.

Is always a demon who moves the pencil: he teases the person, answering to stupid questions.

Then, the demon, since he was called, will remain in the house, will produce a variety of disorders and the only solution will be to turn to the exorcist. And here’s another problem: there are very few exorcists and, those few, haven’t much time.

At this point, is needed inform young people of the risk they run so a day they won’t say: I don’t knew it.

Father Francois Dermine, who for many years had the task of exorcist, says:

“I know a woman that, after practised spiritualism, started to hear voices who told her to kill; kill herself and many other negative things that made her head burst.

She started a series of exorcisms but it was not easy free her, it took years of pain and insomnia”.

The devil doesn’t joke and is needed to think about the many cases of sudden raptus; where it kills or commits suicide, without apparent reason.

The reason, dear reader, might be just to have joked much with the fire…of the hell.


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